Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Nikolai Rose did an unbelievable job with their space at COO on friday. They were nice enough to put one of the 50 Bag Magic bookmarks up in their display as well. Much love to our boys in Nikolai Rose. Also, keep an eye out for bookmarks taking over pages of Brett Easton Ellis books as well as stickers EVERYWHERE in the very near future.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Come out to Black & White Gallery this Friday, August 10th, for the opening of Coo: A Cultural Uprising. The show will feature art, music and design from New York City's finest young minds. Come before 9:30 in order to see musical guest, Blood Street, perform. Also, be sure to check out Nikolai Rose!

Team Facelift

New York's fancy local boys, Team Facelift, is MTV's artist of the week.

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Friday, August 3, 2007


We're like totally official yo. Look out for an End of Summer line soon, providing all you kiddies with some fresh new gear for school.


This is a great resource for shops, eats, bars around New York City provided by Superfuture .

Keep the underground underground kids.


For Your Ears Only

As you very well may know, we here at 50 Bag Magic are true connoisseurs of the fine art of pop punk, and these days nobody does it as well as our boys Four Year Strong from Worcester, Mass. Go give them a listen and be happy.


Lenny Bias R.I.P.

For all of you who have never seen footage of the late, great Len Bias, feast your eyes on the only man with enough potential to be better than Jordan... yes he could have been BETTER than Jordan. Even though he was only in college, anybody can appreciate the way he played basketball, truly amazing. Rest in Peace Lenny.